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About Peace Be Natural 

In the modern fast paced world in which we all reside, it is so common that we have often forgotten how to slow down, to heal our soul and to seek peace within. While we all are trying so hard to catch up with the storm of life, here we are allowing you to take a pause and simply be in the moment, connect with the nature, adopt the simplicity, and send out the love via crafts.


Peace be Natural, where you feel nourished and supported; where you reunite deeper connections to self, others, and the present moment with the nature; where you beat out stress and create with love; and through the magical art piece creation and focus in the chemistry reaction it is where your journey of well-being begins.

We integrate into an aesthetic lifestyle with the joy of creation for the natural and practical daily care.
Everyone can be an artist enjoying the beauty of handcrafting. We emphasise the original creation by our students and t
he importance of know-how in production so to explore your own uniqueness and style. Follow your own heart, not anyone's. 

Peace be Natural provides handcraft events and service with promotion of natural artisan as the key component of our work. As a team of professional and passionate craft-lovers, we offers support for team building, well-being events, charity / fund raising cooperation, educational sharing and simply a party for your beloved. We facilitate the connection and bonding for the communities.

Creativity & Flexibility with Passion

Not bound by any default receipt and syllabus, what we pursue is flexibility, constantly making changes and innovations from practical experience, making more refined courses and workshops, and keeping pace with the times. No special talents are needed in the handcraft world, but just be passionately curious and carry on, which brings creation, discovery and innovation.

Peace & Simplicity with Nature

Spend time with the nature and adopt its simplicity and peace. We are using natural ingredients in high quality for eco-friendly handcrafts with emphasis of environmental awareness and practical function. We formulate with no stripping agents, drying detergents or fillers, just plant-based ingredients. Don't fall to do good stuff even it's small. We are keen on promoting sustainability and peace in nature.

Impart & Support with Warmth

We are not only to impart knowledge and experience, but also to support the problems and difficulties encountered by students in practice even after class and in the future. We connect our students with a platform to assist in continuous handcraft development. We provide a stress-free atmosphere for continuous practices and relaxation through craft healing. 

Our Signature Classes


We impart a comprehensive soap knowledge including usage of a wide range of materials and ingredients with applications and real practice. We share all the techniques and skills required for creating the art piece of soaps, with examination to prove our student who can confidently create designed soap with independent ability and strong art sense. 


Choose any picture and learn to integrate into soap creation which let you enjoy the shower with the moment of memorable scene. We formulate the recipe with high quality of ingredients which is calm and mild, and kid-friendly. The production process is magical and remarkable, which need time, energy and love , and would bring the user a smile on the face. 


Skincare formulation is fun because you get to surround yourself by herbs, flowers, roots, seeds, and leaves. Formulation is easy because within minutes you’ll have an amazing skincare product in your hands. Formulation is empowering because you will have made a beauty product with your own hands. Natural skincare makes you confident in your own skin. 


Floral piping is fun and magical; and no special talents required but just practice and practice. We share the easy pick-up techniques and let our students enjoy making piping cupcake soap with beloved scents in the air. We formulate with moisturising milk recipe which is suitable for any type of skin use. Be elegant in a moment and enjoy the process of learning.


Sometimes we are just curious for different patterns of soap and we are here to share the know-how and let you free up the mind to enjoy the soap production process. A series of designated skilled soap pattern would let you keep on practice and ultimately master the way in producing designed soap. 


Using a certain of raw materials for chemistry reaction to create beautiful germ stone and other shapes of soap is so much fun. From the basic skill to color design, we share the step-by step technique for a fancy handwash soap. It could be a gift but not just a gift which is with love and passion in beauty creation. The washing texture and experience is wonderful.

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